A highly infectious virus sweeps across the globe! Mashup inspired by Mumbo Jumbo: a novel by Ishmael Reed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mumbo_Jumbo_(novel) Official entry in the 2012 Getty Images MishMash video remix competition. ( Didn't win :( ) Music: 'Give the Drummer Sum' by Black Milk http://blackmilk.biz/
Post Apocalyptic mashup comprised of all Getty Images stock footage for the 2012 Getty MishMash competition. Audio by Cult Favorite http://cultfavorite.com/

"The video's a reel-full of clips from various films, and videos, mostly highlighting war, and krumping. It's confusing what the artist is attempting to get across, regardless, it's morbidly fun to watch the whole visual for once."- COMPLEX MAGAZINE