Raw, Revolutionary Hip Hop straight out the heart of Havana, Cuba. Freestyle by Juventud Reverde 2012
On a recent trip to the island of Culebra, I witnessed and filmed a tremendously moving moment – a sea turtle, who, having made the dangerous journey from the ocean depths to the shore, struggled to bury her eggs beneath the sand. Her damaged back fins gave only the shallowest indication of what her life entailed. Music by The Cinematic Orchestra http://www.cinematicorchestra.com/ © Ali Santana 2013
In this music video, Spec Boogie pays tribute to his hometown, Bed Stuy: one of Brooklyn's most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the midst of rapid gentrification. Shot, directed and edited by Ali Santana, this film captures the people, historical relics and businesses that may soon be gone due to economic displacement. Ali's use of community portraits, rhythmic editing and motion graphics, showcase the colorful and vibrant neighborhood that he'd like to remember, while vintage photos offer a touching glimpse into the neighborhood's past. Directed by Ali Santana. ©2010 Photos by Robert Cave Sr. Track produced by Von Pea of Tanya Morgan. Featured in: The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts 'Gentrification of Brooklyn' exhibit. www.MoCADA.org
The story is in the details. elucidmusic.bandcamp.com ©2009
Directed by Ali Santana. ©2006 Photographs © Marilyn Nance.