BKLYN!ZULU is a collective of performing A/V artists based in Brooklyn, NYC. Through free association, sound and moving images are re-contextualized during live performance to entertain and inspire new ideas. 

through the use of a both of analog and digital devices they assemble, remix, and re-contextualize ancestral rhythms with...blending the old with the new. Avant-garde. The collective plays on themes of Afro futurism, community, gentrification, and free though. Synthesizers, Beat Machine, Loops and controllers 

Their name, a mashup in itself was inspired by the Zulu warriors Southern Africa and Brooklyn Zoo's ODB. A mix of strategy, preparedness, technical knowhow, with improvisation and free association. who were known for their strategic warfare techniques. Members sometimes perform in costume paying homage to the egungun traditions of West Africa. Fascinated 

Improvisational A/V collage. Using a variety of software and hardware, BKLYN!ZULU’s 3 members manipulate and combine found footage, field recordings and rhythmic loops into an abstract and entertaining performance.


Sample traditional instruments


BKLYN!ZULU is a Brooklyn based performing arts collective specializing in audio/video installations, concert visuals, experimental films and other large scale multi-sensory experiences. The collective’s live shows feature improvisational editing techniques in which found footage and original content are mixed, looped, stretched, chopped and reassembled into intricate multi-media collages. Through free thought and association, sound and image are recontextualized to entertain and inspire new ideas.