I recently collaborated with some of NYC's most inventive up-and-coming artists along with The Museum of Modern Art to produce a series of fun and educational videos that elucidate key concepts of modern art. The full video series is a part of the MoMA Teens Fall 2013 online course. http://teens.moma.org/
Stereogram animated GIF style bumper pitched to MTV2 to promote their syndicated content.
http://www.ny1.com/content/121905/exhibit-celebrates-life--influence-of-fela-kuti Lenticular Motion Collage Created by The Santana Group. Just as the music of Fela Anikulapo Kuti transcends the generations through his powerful statements and the work of his children, the works of artists Marilyn Nance and Al Santana transcend the generations through collaborations with their artist offspring. The Santana Group is a creative, collaborative, interdisciplinary, intergenerational organization of the Brooklyn art family of Marilyn Nance, Al Santana, Ali Santana, and Rafia Santana. Ali and Rafia Santana mined their parents’ deep archives of moving images, photographs, memorabilia and cultural software to produce Fela’s legacy in 4-D.